Here you’ll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions about our original Erzgebirge wooden toys, figurines and German Christmas ornaments and decorations. All our products are certified by the Erzgebirge Association of Craftsmen and Toymakers e.V so you can feel assured you are getting the best handcrafted pieces from Germany. Your purchase helps support the art of wooden craftsmanship, passed down from generation to generation since the 14th century. We hope you and your family will love these collectables as much as we do.

Can I use the nutcrackers to crack "real" nuts?
Yes, the nutcrackers do work, but they are meant to be decorative. If you use your nutcracker often to crack nuts, it may lose a little bit of the painting on the mouth, but all our nutcrackers are fully operational.

How do I use an incense smoker?
Our incense smokers work like this:
1. Remove the top of the figurine from the base.
2. Place an incense cone in the base and light it carefully with a match or lighter.
3. Replace the top part over the incense cone. The fragrant smoke will then come out of the openings in the figurine.

How long does an incense cone burn for?
Each incense cone burns for about fifteen minutes and the scent can last in the room for up to thirty minutes. When you no longer see smoke coming out of the figurine, you’ll need to change the incense cone. We carry over ten different scent varieties on our website or try the variety pack for many scents.

How do I use the German Christmas pyramid?
Candles are placed around the carousel of the pyramid to spread light all over the room, which is another common feature of Erzgebirge pyramids. Depending on which pyramid you purchased, you may need tealight candles or candlesticks. The candles do not come with the product, so you must purchase these separately.

How are the LED candle arches illuminated?
Our LED candle arches are plugged into the wall and illuminated with electricity. LED lights last far longer than traditional incandescent lighting, so you can expect around 15,000 hours of operating time for our products that contain LED bulbs.

How does a German weather house work?
There is a mechanism inside that reacts to the changes in air humidity. Depending on whether the air is dry or humid, the string inside changes its position and twists so that the female turns outside when it is dry and the male shows when it is humid.

Do the products on your website include a warranty?
Yes, every product has a two-year warranty. If the product has a defect or technical problems, please get in touch.

Do you sell cuckoo clocks?
Yes, we do sell cuckoo clocks on our sister websites CuckooClocks.com and Cuckoo-Clock.com

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