Mood paintings
CA 83
CA 83
CA 83

Small Mood picture with acrylic colours and EM ''Lichtkreis türkis'' by Carmen Duffner CA

Item: CA 83
Mood paintings
unique piece
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Carmen Duffner Art

EM stands for effective microorganisms which neutralize the atmosphere

Manufacturer Carmen Duffner Art
Weight gross:1 kg
Height:7 cm/2.8 inch
Width:9 cm/3.5 inch
Depth:2 cm/0.8 inch
Carmen Duffner Art

Carmen Duffner is an artist who paints exclusively intuitive their paintings in colors, shapes and symbols thus she expresses her creativity. Inspired by nature, these paintings are usually created outdoors. They create an harmonizing supportive effect with their moods in every living room, clinics, offices, hotels, conference rooms, etc. Each of these paintings is unique, created in Schoenwald in the Black Forest, the birthplace of the cuckoo clock. Her online shop is here: https://herzoase.com/en/shop

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