How to Use a German Incense Smoker


If you’ve ever visited a Christmas market, you’ve seen the beautiful handmade wooden crafts that come from the Erzgebirge region in Germany — including the incense smoker. The first German incense smokers were made around the early 1800s, along with many other crafts well known in the Erzgebirge. As you can imagine, back in those days, your house might not have smelled so great, so incense was used to mask bad smells but also thought to cleanse evil spirits. The first incense smokers were figurines of men smoking a pipe (Räuchermann) as tobacco smoking had become popular around this time. Now there are so many different figurines to choose from; you’re sure to find one perfect for your friends and family. Incense smokers are small enough to make great stocking stuffers as well. 


How a German Incense Smoker Is Made 

German incense smokers are made by hand and using a woodturner to shape the body of the smoker. Once the outer body is formed, the inside is hollowed out, and intricate details are shaped into the body. The smaller pieces like arms, legs, the head, etc., are made, painted and glued together by hand to form the smoker. 


How Do You Use an Incense Smoker? 

To use your incense smoker, first, remove the body of the figure from the base. The base is where you place the incense cone. Light the incense and make sure it starts to smoke. Replace the top part of the figurine over the incense cone and secure it with the base. Smoke will come out from various holes carved in the figurines depending on the smoker you purchase. The incense cones come in a variety of scents, from traditional Christmas smells of gingerbread, cinnamon and spices, woodsy scents of fir and pine or sandalwood.


How to Choose an Authentic Incense Smoker

A German incense smoker would make the perfect gift for a loved one or to buy for yourself to freshen up your home any time of the year. There are over 300 figures to choose from, and you can get one that is well suited for everyone on your Christmas list. Below are some of our favourites. 

1. German Christmas Smoker — One of the most popular styles of smokers are Christmas themed since they are perfect gifts around the holidays.


2. Hobbies or Pastimes — You can tailor your gift to that special someone with figurines depicting their favourite hobbies or pastimes.


3. Professions — We have several incense smokers that depict professions like doctors, nurses, artists, mechanics, firefighters, chefs, and more.



A handmade German incense smoker would make an excellent gift for your loved ones. Choose from over 300 handcrafted wooden designs representing German pastimes and everyday life, hobbies, professions, Christmas figures, gnomes, colourful animals, and more.

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